Friday, March 13, 2009

wild flowers, vases and a wedding memory

i bring home flowers most days. whatever looks pretty when i walk around the garden or cross through the fields.

the vase is a favorite. it's royal copenhagen fajance from my paternal grandparents. i love the colors and the pattern, which i recognized in the dried-out flower i picked on my way home today.
oh, did you notice the many empty frames on the top photo? when we moved i emptied a lot of these simple black ikea frames we use for photos of family and friends. we have them so we can watch and enjoy while we eat or just sit around. the boys really like to sit and talk about the people in the photos. it's on my very long to-do list to get them filled with new and happy photos to keep us company.

my favorite photo from our very simple and casual wedding is among those that survived the move. it's my husband in the white shirt. we're dancing the traditional danish wedding dance where people move in closer and closer while clapping. in the end the men will take the groom, remove his shoes and cut his socks open. not really sure why.

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