Wednesday, April 15, 2009

corner view

view of our dinner table: matza with nutella - the number one snack for israeli kids the past week.

corner view is hosted by jane from spain daily.

the week of pesach (passover) is the breadless week. passover is all about the jews escaping egypt lead by moses. as they hurried to flee they didn't have time to let the bread rise, thus in this week you're not supposed to eat any leavened bread. some people extend this to pasta, rice, beer (because of the rye) and even chickpeas.

so, what people eat instead is matza bread, which is a biscuit kind of bread. very dry, not very interesting. except for the kids, that is, who during the years have made matza with nutella a popular passover snack. and even though we are not "kosher for pesach" in this house, we have had our fair share of matza snacks this week.

tonight passover ends. D's family is originally from morocco and among moroccan jews it's tradition to end passover with a celebration called mimouna, which is, basically, about baking the s... out of your kitchen after a week without bread (and flour in general).

in the neighborhood of D's parents everyone is visiting eachother bringing the cookies and cakes they've made and tasting what is offered by others. usually everyone ends up offering a mix of everyone else's cookies and cakes served with tea with tons of nana (mint) and sugar. if you're lucky you'll be visiting someone who've made mufleta, which is a very thin crepe served with honey and butter.

even though we've had our usual share of bread this week we are still heading out for the mimouna tonight. wouldn't miss it for the world.

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  1. sounds awesome. wish i was coming along! :-)

  2. nutella taste great on anything doesn't it?! I came over from Spain Daily to say HI!

  3. So interesting! I love this post! Thanks for sharing your corner, and I love nutella!

  4. Hello Trinch,
    I just love your corner of the world. I would love to have some minttea!
    I had Moroccon neighbours in Holland and I miss them and their minttea. ;)

  5. Hey Trinsch! Thanks for sharing this slice of your life! I love this! Can´t wait to see and read more! Big hug!-Jane

  6. yum! we eat nutella on toast every friday for breakfast at my house.

    enjoy the dinner celebration!

  7. hello there! this is really great way to get to know every day life all around the world:)
    nice to get a peek in yours!

  8. I wanted to say the same as outi already did...
    very interesting and nice you tell us!

  9. I don't know how matza tastes but I am addicted to nutella :)

    Thank you for sharing your little corner with us.

  10. Oh, Nutella! Just typing the name, Nutella, makes my mouth water! So good! Love this post!! Thanks for sharing your corner!

  11. Nutella is my favorite! I love this photo. Thank you for sharing with us!

  12. mmmm.... nutella and matza! i've never heard about 'mimouna' but now i will have to do a little research. i'm fascinated by sephardic traditions and cuisine!