Saturday, April 18, 2009

a good ending

the first part of the day today i spent at home alone with the kids. it was one of those days, you know, you have the best intentions, but everything seems to go wrong. the kids got to bed late last night and were not really up for anything this morning. and i didn't have that extra energy it takes to activate and make three little ones have fun when tired. when D got back just after 12 he was met by irritated and edgy kids and an even more irritated and edgy me. most of my activities, from playing with water, to picking strawberries, to baking cookies and do a garden picnic... well, we did it, but the atmosphere just really wasn't the best.

if you'd overheard my conversations with my husband for the next hour or two you might have thought - which would have been completely wrong of course - that i was trying to pick a fight.

anyway, at some point we joined forces to fight the bad spell. packed the kids up and left the house for a late afternoon trip to the beach. it just changed everything. so the day ended with happy kids, tired in the good way, and happy parents, filled with fresh air and good feelings.
there's just something about the ocean that clears your mind and makes everything look just nicer and brighter. and that's a good way to end one week. and a good start to a new.

(did you know that the week begins with sunday here in israel? our weekend is friday/saturday. i still have a hard time accepting that saturday night is my sunday night).


  1. I've started reading your blog and really enjoy your posts (found your comment on Copenhagen bike). How interesting that you and your family ended up living in Israel.

    My children are now grown and in college, but I still love to read about what other families are doing. I miss the days when my children were little.

    That is very strange that Saturday nights are like our Sunday nights...not sure I could get use to that.

  2. i love the stories of your days! oh, i understand those days where the intentions are good but the mood just isn't right. we have plenty of them. how wonderful that you have a beach so close by - i think that would break any bad spell.

  3. Feels so good to put the feet in the sea...

  4. Love the photos. You are right about the sea. I agree. So I have to start wishing you a happy weekend on Thursdays...

  5. That's funny to know about the weekends. I would have a hard time accepting that as well. Really wierd. Loved your photo's and your story and I already have problems with entertaining two kids, let alone three. It's big fun, but exhausting at times, I know.
    See you tomorrow, at breakfast;-)

  6. Hej, I didn't know that of the weekends in Israel... :) Must be weird!

    I love your story and completely agree with you, the beach is so calming...a fresh breeze in your brain :)

    I like the picture with the feet in the water a lot!

  7. Oh, you had one of THOSE days... I know all too well! I am glad that it ended on such a happy note and with fabulous photos to prove it!

    So do people actually go to work on Sunday then? I had no idea...

  8. love the heart-shaped stone! i hope you picked it up!!! and nice that your day turned out well, despite starting out badly. some days are like that. :-)

  9. i'd be glad for the bats because they eat bugs and just when it's the perfect temperature in savannah (70 degrees) the gnats come out and are horrible! i love that fruit - so pretty - wonder if it would grow here!


  10. I agree with julochka, some days are just like that *sigh*