Saturday, May 30, 2009

i say tomato

the first tomatoes are ready. every day we have new to pick, and plenty of greens promise tomatoes in the coming weeks. new lines of tomato plants are growing fast, hopefully ready next month.

and thank you for your sweet comments to my drawing. it has been so fun to be a little creative with pens and pencils.

ps: francesca asked if she was leaving or arriving... she was going to a tea party, but it disappeared. just like that.

enjoy your weekend :)


  1. i can't wait for my tomato plants to grow tomatoes. Every summer I look forward to eating my home grown tomatoes every day. If I get that printing book I'll be sure to post about it.



  2. I love tomato's. Especially home grown ones. In Holland we have so many different species, but the nicest ones are not the ones grown in a greenhouse. Have a good weekend!

  3. mmm, looks so fresh and delicious! lucky you girl!

  4. cute tomatoes in a lovely plate ...

  5. Oh, your tomatoes look so pretty and delicious.
    My tomatoes are still green...