Sunday, May 10, 2009

pomme granate hideout

i had to share this with you. seriously, it's the prettiest thing.

when we moved here in february we were debating whether or not to get rid of the pomme granate trees on the east side of the garden. they run about 50 meters, from the road till the back end of the garden, where we have all the orange trees. anyway, this winter they looked awful and we were pretty sure they were dead. they looked like ghost trees.

we had plenty to do and forgot about them. and then, about a month ago, dots of green leaves appeared. and shortly after everything was green and these amazing red flowers began to show.

the branches are so heavy now from the leaves and the flowers that they literally fall into our garden and touch the ground.

in the back, just where there's a little path going through the orange trees, just before the pomme granate trees end, the branches have fallen over some old dry bushes, creating a perfect hideout for the boys. they play in there, pretending to be in the jungle.

so i let them play, but i buzz around nearby. once in a while i'll even go in there and interrupt the playing with a stick and dig around in the grass and the old, dry bushes to check if there are any unwanted visitors. it's snake season. and there are some nasty ones among them.

but so far no one but us has been hiding out in there. so we enjoy it, in all its green glory, shining as the sun makes its way through.


  1. Snakes??? OMG...I would leave the country in a heartbeat...santa maria, you are a brave woman!
    The second picture I thought was so cute, but now that I read about the snakes??!!...bbrrr..I admire you all!!

  2. Wow, pomme granate and orange trees! Sounds interesting. By the picture, it's amazing how much shade the pomme grante makes. I can see why the boys have sooooo much fun.

  3. They do look jungly, I'm glad you kep them! We get vipers, deadly but very shy, over here in summer time, and my boys know the rules when they go in the woods (I do remind them of those rules every single time, because one thing is to know them, and another is to remember to apply them!)

  4. What a treat to have pommegranate trees, and a place where children (and adults) can let their imaginations roam...

  5. oh, wow, it is the first time i see a pomme granate tree, wonderful!