Monday, June 15, 2009

this red monday: typesetter tray

i know. i'm repeating myself. but i really like this typesetter tray, so indulge me. think of me as this old woman who wants to tell you this amazing story from years ago. the story you've heard 128 times before, but it makes her so happy that you will sit through it again. please.

this typesetter tray was hanging in my childhood home. it was my mom's. at some point she decided to paint it red, but something got in the way (probably us kids - having kids myself have made me realize how tasks that seem so small and easy can become an impossible project. a project you think about at night, really want to finish, but somehow it just can't be squeezed in between all the rest).

alas, today the 2/3 of the typesetter tray is red, the rest is old wood. and i like it like that. D still looks at it sometimes and asks if i really don't think it would be the best to paint it all. but no, i don't think so. and to his credit he has learned not to argue about these things. or maybe he just doesn't care. which is ok.

inside the typesetter tray is my collection of shells and stones. it's growing and has spread to many other parts of the house and garden. i just can't help pick them up at the beach. and i know pretty much where in the world i picked every stone or shell.


other shades of red: the red lips of these vamps and innocents by annie kevans (via fab). don't you just feel like reaching out and touch those lips? this amazing dress from heidi merrick (via 2 or 3 things i know). i think i would feel so pretty and girly in this. and finally, the video to soon we'll be found by the lovely sia. i know it's not exactly new, but since i first saw it in the fall, it's been haunting me (in the good way). it's amazing, beautiful and just plain awesome. if you didn't watch it before, go watch. now. it's not especially red, but it's colorful. and that will do.


  1. i love your type tray and even more than it's only 2/3 red...and the stones. sigh. of course, to die for. love the bone-looking one with the hole in it. just lovely!

    we have a typcase drawer that was my father-in-law's, but mine is filled with rubber stamps and crafty things. yours looks infinitely more artistic.

    and speaking of stones, the lovely, beautiful little stones you sent arrived today (actually, i think they arrived on saturday, but i only emptied the mailbox today--bad girl). i've just photographed them and am about to blog it. i just can't thank you enough, they're wonderful!


  2. I never heard this story before, it's a very nice story for your red Monday.
    PS I have something very similar in which I keep my own shells. It dates back to my childhood (it was then used to display minature dollhouse objects I had a passion for)

  3. Beautiful red "cabinet de curiosités"... Have a beautiful day.

  4. the tray is so pretty! and how fab of you to mail the stones from your beach corner view to julochka - wow!

    p.s.: i love that bread you posted about and would like to try it. thing is though, my oven's not working and i live in a cool groundfloor flat, which is quite probably yeast-fermenting-resistant - so maybe i'll have to convince a friend to let me bake at her's...

  5. well I discovered you blog just recently so it's the first time I read the story of the not all red tray. It's lovely and I think you are right not to paint it.

  6. This reminds of a typesetter tray I had as a kid, it was smaller and blue and filled with all sort of little toys and nick-nack... I wonder where that might be now? I love the half red/half wood part on yours, it makes it look more modern as if it was done on purpose. Your beach finds are beautiful!

  7. Hi! Is the first time I stop here, so is the first time I hear this story... for me, you can repeat it other 127 times ;) This tray is really gorgeous... I love red things!!
    Have a nice week!

  8. What a great thing to have from your mother. I agree, don't paint it. And I have never read this story before so to me you are not repeating yourself. You have a way with words, I am always fascinated by your writing. Thank you!

  9. I like it that you haven't changed the tray - kept it half-red and half-wood - I think we are sometimes too inclined to want to finish things off neatly and tidily, but life is rarely like that, and your red tray is a tribute to that. I like your collection of shells and stones - I also collect things like that - at the moment I am working on a project where they will feature!

  10. I love this and more so because it is party of your childhood. It is really cool and I love all of your treasures. Enjoy! xoxo

  11. Oh, I love that! Yes, keep it as it is... it's perfect!

    Happy Week!

  12. im looking for a nice typesetter tray for my girl's treasures too.
    i like yours and your story about it.