Monday, July 27, 2009

neve tzedek

neve tzedek means "place of justice" or "garden of justice". it is the name of one of the oldest neighborhoods in tel aviv, founded in 1887 by a group of jewish families looking for a more peaceful place than what they could find in the crowded town of jaffa.

as tel aviv was founded in 1909 - just celebrated its 100 year anniversary - neve tzedek became quickly became the connecting point between the two cities dynamic cities of jaffa and tel aviv, which today. many artists made neve tzedek their home together with wealthy tel avivians looking for peace and quiet. later, during the mid-20th century neve tzedek was neglected, and in the 1960's it was close to being demolished.

luckily that didn't happen, and during the 1980's efforts began to renovate and preserve the old and beautiful architecture of neve tzedek. cultural establishments found new homes in old buildings, among them the suzanne dellal dance and theater Center and the nahum gutman museum, which is actually located in the home of this russian born painter, sculptor and writer.

today neve tzedek is a fashionable and popular upmarket residential area. the little street of this amazing place is now again filled with creativity: artists' studios, galleries and little shops selling hand made crafts and art. and of course plenty of great cafes and bars alongside cozy and amazing restaurants.


a little note: i have decided to take a break from my "this red monday" posts. maybe they will return, maybe they will change to another color, maybe i will come up with something completely different. we'll see... :)

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  1. Love those random tiles on the wall and that welcoming green!