Monday, July 20, 2009

this red monday: beach art

phew! what a week. there's nothing so draining as having sick children. except for having sick children while being sick yourself. but this weekend we slowly got back to normal life. which of course includes the beach. and going to the beach includes collecting shells and stones.

i have posted about this shell collage before, but it can handle another go. i made it a while back. little shells added while paint is still wet. it's an easy and a fun way to use a bit of those shells some of us just can't help bringing back home. and it's a cool project for kids too: just paint and add the shells. should they fall of when the paint dries, then glue them back on. but in the process it's just paint and shells.

with this post i hope it's safe to say, that i am back as usual. with one little change: i have decided to answer questions in the comments section itself (i wish blogger would add that cool comment thread feature they have on typepad).

wishing you a happy and healthy week!


  1. Oh Trinsch, this is absolutely beautiful! I love the simplicity and starkness of the contrast between white and red. It is very much my kind of style. BTW, I have posted the new weekword here:
    It would be so great if you can play along. But I know with sick kids .... it is difficult ... hope they are all better now (me and husband have both had horrible flu and it is still not gone almost two weeks later!)

  2. glad you posted this again, since i wasn't around that first time round... that's a really beautiful painting, the shells look so abstract. and the irregular shapes are so interesting. and the contrast, both of colour and material. fab!

  3. p.s.: good to hear you are all feeling better!

  4. Oh, I love this!! So clever! The shells just pop against the red!

    Happy New Week! And, one that's sick free!

  5. It can handle another go for sure. So so pretty and simple. Glad you're all back on track.
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog.

    Have a great week!

  6. This is really beautiful! I wish you a happy and healthy week also. xoxo

  7. Beautiful red post ! Hope everybody in your family is ok now !! Thanks for sharing ; ) Bises

  8. it's so hard to have sick kids, but even worse to be sick yourself! i can only remember this happening once, and it felt like the world was ending (i'm dramatic.) cool shell collage! now i want to give it a try!

  9. I'm happy to hear that things are slowly coming back to "usual" like you say. It is draining taking care of sick kids.
    I love the art work. It is so cool and clever. I love that you used red and not blue!
    Anyway I'm with you about the responding to questions - I do it through the comments section too and then hope that people come back to find their answers instead of thinking that I've totally ignored them.
    Stay well.

  10. What a beautiful and creative way to show off your shells. Very nice job!!
    beach art