Monday, July 6, 2009

this red monday: panton's flowerpot

i love this this lamp from verner panton . it's a classic. only problem would be to pick the right color, as it comes in so many great colors.

we had a couple of his topan lamps in my childhood home in the orange-red shade. they really worked well with those orange and yellow giant flower printed curtains. which i, by the way, still have. not as curtains, but the fabric. my mom has saved so many great things, including the fabric that made up our curtains, bedspreads, sheets etc. back in the 70's.

take a look at the verner panton online museum if you want to know more about this creative and inspiring man.


other shades of red (and white and yellow) this week are these absolutely adorable photos with red outfits from the cherry blossom girl. but all her other outfits are darling as well. right now she's showing this fairy-like diy white flower head band. not sure i could pull it off, but i like it. a lot.
also adorable is this red candy cat brooch from godrillhas21. he's also making some absolutely fabulous mobile phone straps, like this tiny baby on banana.

have a great week!


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  2. Wow, awesome lamp!! Have to remind this one, for whenever I have a house to put it in :)

  3. Oh, Panton....I'd have one in each colour if I had the space and money!!

  4. Ooh I love it. I love the red color, but they are all gorgeous. Great find!

  5. hey i lige måde - ha en god uge! de er virkelig så fine de der verner panton lamper, ville heller ikke vide hvilken farve jeg skulle vælge! vi fik den røde i indflyttergave, så der skulle ikke tages stilling : )

  6. Oh, I love the shape of this lamp! It reminds me of ladybug... isn't it?