Tuesday, August 18, 2009

two years old

little D turned two yesterday. i always get sentimental and emotional around my kids' birthdays. i wonder if that will continue into their teens and adulthood.

sunday we had the whole family here in denmark for the traditional danish birthday: buns (baked by morfar), hot chocolate and birthday cakes with nougat, whipped creme and fresh berries. and a chocolate cake by mormor, which was the absolute favorite among the young crowd. and then there were the sand cakes by his brothers. their beauty compensated well for the fact that we couldn't eat them.

it was a great day, we all had the best of times with the family members we see so rarely. the weather was beautiful and we were very happy.

ps: that handsome guy with my littlest one in the top photo is my older brother.


  1. Happy B-day to your little Leo (from a fellow Leo), Trinsch.
    The cakes all look delicious!
    It looks like you & your husband celebrated your wedding anniversary on my birthday (8/8).
    Hope you are well!

  2. Oh so sweet. And those sweets look amazingly yummy.

  3. glad to hear you had such a wonderful day with your family! happy birthday to your little boy!

    (i'll see my parents, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews next weekends - it's going to be crazy-happy, can't wait!)

  4. What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday!
    And Happy Birthday little D!
    ♥ Jeannette

  5. Sweet moments in those photographs ... thanks for sharing :)

  6. Happy birthday!!! and very cute of course!

  7. tillykke little D! (a danish blog friend has taught me a few words :)) how wonderful you are able to spend time with your family in denmark - enjoy!

  8. Happy birthday! I love it how Danes always have those little country flags when they celebrate!

  9. thanks for all you happy birthday wishes. it was wonderful indeed to celebrate in denmark.

    happy late b-day, jennifer, i'll remember that now, as it is my wedding day :)

    yes, francesca, the flags are a danish thing, but we still have this pile of israeli flags from our wedding 6 years ago where i did some garlands with our flags. so they joined the danish ones on the cake :)

  10. Happy Birthday to your Little One!
    Those cakes look delicious. I'm glad you had a happy time in Denmark.

    Hugs xxx

  11. wow, happy birthday for your little D! he's so cute!
    ps. these cakes looks delicious!

  12. Happy Day little one!

    I think I'm going to request a Danish birthday this year... Yum!

  13. Joyeux anniversaire à Little D. !!! Bises

  14. Happy belated birthday to little D! It's so wonderful to spend time with your family in Denmark!! And looks like the weather is lovely... lucky you!