Monday, October 12, 2009

what i brought home

as i mentioned, i brought home some things from denmark. as i always do. but i didn't show you these two items with little family stories attached.

the face of the man was my mother's. she bought it as a young girl on a market. she cannot remember why she chose him and decided to buy him, but it was hanging in her room. i look at him and find it to be such a peculiar face to have hanging in a child's room. but he's been around here or there all my life and i kind of like him. in all his weird being.

the black and white silhouette print belonged to my grandmother. she was born in 1923, and received it as a little girl. she had an older brother, and at night, when she was lying in her bed, she would look at this and pretend that it was herself with her mother and brother. funny enough, having seen photos of my great grandmother, there's something that reminds me of her in the silhouette of the woman. i wonder if the person that got this for my grandmother had the same thought.


this week i will begin my new work. i have decided to no longer freelance and have accepted a part time job. it's a start-up company and i have been working with them as a freelancer. now things are moving along. we're getting offices and a few more employees are being hired. like me. i am very excited, as i like the guys, i like the product, and i am looking forward to steady hours. and of course, this will be an opportunity to go tel aviv 2-3 times a week. meaning, a reason to put on something else than cut-off jeans and flip flops, a reason to go and feel the energy of the city. just a little bit. before i flee right back to the quiet and calm.


  1. the head is perfect!

    and congrarulations on the job! you go girl!
    [its always nice to dress up for any occasion! work .. or sooo... ;) ]

  2. Congrats on your new job. How exciting!!

    I love the silhouette. So pretty.

  3. I think it's the intensity and irony in that face that would attract also a young person.
    Congratulations on the job: part-time working mom plus part-time city girl sound great!

  4. There is something about the face that makes you look at it again and again. For me it´s in the eyes...wise/sad/friendly eyes.
    And I love the silhouette!
    Those are really beautiful pieces of memory from home.

  5. Lovely silhouette. Good luck with the job! It sounds like the perfect compromise - part-time, and a good balance between excitement of work and the city and the calm of your home!

  6. fantastic! it sounds like a wonderful work arrangement. hope you'll share more with us about it.

  7. The face is so beautiful, mysterious... welldone Trinsch ! Very lovely things...

  8. Best of luck on your new position! Very exciting!

    Love these lovely treasures!

    Happy Day, Trinsch!

  9. How beautiful
    and wow a job and dress up, have fun!
    Hope you are all well.


  10. congratulations on the job. That must be exciting.
    The man's face is interesting. I wonder what he's feeling?

  11. that sounds great, love to hear more about
    the second photo is so beautiful

  12. oh yes, that is a perfect combination, so you have both, the energy of the city and the peace of the countryside.
    What about that man's face, it reminds me strongly of a bust of Voltaire that a know.
    Good luck with your new job!!!