Tuesday, November 10, 2009

birthday and bad luck

it's my birthday today. i am getting older (i know, we all are, but...). last year i could still - without bending the truth too much - claim i was in the middle of my thirties. but 38... no can't do. this is officially going on 40. it's ok, don't get me wrong, but i cannot help but think about how i perceived 38, or 40 for that matter, when i was say 20. it was old. so i am struggling a bit with these previous perceptions of age and what is old, and where i should be and not be at this age.

but who cares about numbers? let's just celebrate with a tiny garland of dried leaves and purple cottons string and a big hooray for today. this day should be fun (and certainly funnier than yesterday...)

so, what happened yesterday? my beloved nikon d60, a surprise present from D back in july when he went to new york, it died. a complete blackout. and i was, and i am, devastated. there it was, in my bag, my bag on the bed in the guest room/office. in comes a child (not sure who, and it doesn't really matter either), takes a sip from a water bottle, puts water bottle down on the bed (without cap on), bottle falls as bottles tend to do when placed on a soft bed, but child doesn't notice and, yes, that's it. nikon d60 and bag fills with water. its pretty much soaking wet when i find it. and when i try to dry it and then test the damage nothing happens. except it smells burned. not a good sign. i almost (maybe even did a bit) started to cry. such awful bad luck. i still cannot believe it.

this also means that my planned birthday giveaway, which i think you will love love love, has been postponed. because a giveaway without pictures of the giveaway... it's just not the same, right? but i will give you a hint: we're talking vintage botanical prints, yes, it's that awesome (says the vintage botanical print freak), so you might want to stay tuned, as i am planning to find that old point and shoot i forgot all about - including where i put it - when i got my may-she-rest-in-peace d60.

consider these board shots a little interlude until the giveaway has been photographed. i told you i miss fall in my 25 degrees celcius heat wave. at least i miss my dream of it, because i can totally live with the warm weather. but i still miss fall. so i made a little fall for the board. that was of course before i got fall in the mail from joyce. now i have plenty of sweet golden fall in the house.

now i will go and forget about the sad camera tragedy, put on good smile and have a happy day. wishing you a happy day too.


  1. I feel for you about the camera. I still feel sickened when I think about the time I left my fully loaded with film camera on a bus in Syracuse, New York over twenty-five years ago. Damn. So sorry!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!

    Sorry for your camera ;(

  3. happy birthday trinsch!
    happy new year to you!

    [sooo sorry about your camera.... :( ]

  4. Happy birthday to you dear Trinsch!!!

    I wish you the best of the best! Happiness and health, growth and good days with your lovely family! :)

    Don't think about d60, okay? I believe these things happen for a reason. and that's totally not a bad luck. I think it might be a good one. A bad thing happened to a "thing" so it didn't happen to "you". Simple!


  5. Joyeux anniversaire à toi !! I wish you all the best... and don't worry when you will pass your 40th, it will not be so terrible !! ! you will survive, because i did it !!! Bises

  6. Such a bummer about your camera... I remember when I broke my Canon lens, was no fun at all! Have a happy happy birthday regardless!

  7. Oh..I would have cried too..probably really hard being the drama queen that I am.
    Happy Birthday dear Trinsch. Hip hip Hooray!!!
    Have a great day. And psssst...38 is sooo young.
    And you don´t look a day older than 30. ;)
    Big birthday hug, Jeannette

  8. Happy birthday, Trinsch! I'm really sorry about your camera. I think we can all sympathize: 38 is perfect, but no camera is just terrible.
    Last year I put my cell phone in the wash (long story), it went through a full 50C cycle. I searched the internet and read that wet electronics should a) NOT be turned on, b) opened up, batteries out, c) placed in a box filled with rice for at least 3 days to draw all the moisture out. It worked for my cell phone!

  9. TILLYKKE med fødselsdagen - 38 is still young :-) So sorry aboyt the camera - but hoep the birthday mood will carry you through :-)

  10. oh trine so sorry about your camera.... i would have cried too...hope you have a happy happy day and that all your wishes come true beautiful girl! besos-jane

  11. happy birthday beautiful lovely lady! I hope your family shower you with kisses xxxxxxx

  12. noooooo! that is so sad. i hope something new and special comes out of that camera loss. also, i love your board it is so full of inspiration and mood. happy birthday!

  13. happy birthday Trinsch!!!!!!!! so sorry about your camera, very weird story too, this is the least wat you're expecting to happen with a camera, safely put away in a bag.
    What about your age, don't worry, i sometimes have my crisis moments about age too, but in the end everything is just fine, it is a natural process. I will be 50 next year,still have to convince myself i'm not a girl anymore :-)

  14. oh no!
    have you tried to set it in a box full of rice? I have heard that works with cell phones that have been dropped in water...

    Happy birthday- here's to good luck in the new year!

  15. Happy Birthday Trinsch! May all your dreams come true!

    So sorry to hear about your camera... This can be so upsetting. One can get pretty attached to their camera, I too cried when C. accidentally broke my lens. But it was just the lens, not the body though. Hope you get a new one soon!

    Thank you for your nice comments on my blog. I hope this melancholy goes away soon.

    Happy Birthday once again, my Friend. Lots o hugs and warm thoughts,

  16. Happy Birthday and I"m sorry to hear about your camera

  17. Happy Happy Birthday. (wow my daughter and mother celebrated birthday on the same day)
    So sorry about your camera. I would have cried too.

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET FRIEND!!! Am I too late for the birthday wishes? It is 8:15 pm by my watch. I hope ALL of your wishes come true.

    Birthdays I notice are either fun times or not so fun. I always figured since I loved bday everyone else did too, until a friend once told he didn't like them as much and his reasons.

    Oh T I am so sorry about the camera. My heart goes out to you and the child who accidentally left the water there. Is there some chance of calling nikon and explain what happened, just maybe you might get a sympathetic ear at the other end. It never hurts to try. By any chance is there a warranty on the camera?

    I love your fall board! Thanks.

    Sending you many hugs- xoxo

  19. Trinsch, I am so sorry that your camera chose your special day to quit on you. These things happen & you are being very wise and grown up in how you're choosing to deal with it!

    Many years ago I had a camera stolen on a beach; it had dozens of photos of my first vacation with my brother since we were kids, back in the day before digital so I didn't even get to see any of the photos...these things happen but still :(

    Sending you many birthday wishes for your new year & a big birthday hug - chris

  20. I agree! I am having a hard time with this one too. I turned 38 in September. I remember thinking 25 was old, but I don't feel old. I feel like I did when I was 25 but with a few more grey hair and a few wrinkels. Happy Birthday!

  21. happy birthday! I just found your blog via Jane and I'm so glad. It's fun to see reminders of a place I used to live too. We're considering moving back too (I'm american, my husband israeli). You're pictures capture a lot of what I love about that place...
    and sorry about the camera! my son slid a pirate coin in our car's cd player. bye bye cd player. kids are expensive rascals...

  22. Happy birthday Trinsch!! I just turned 40 and I know what you mean about the numbers; they can have more of an emotional impact than you might wish.

    I'm so sorry about your camera!

  23. Happy Birthday!!
    I will be 40 next year...I think it's good age, isn't it?

    I am sorry to hear about your camera....

    Have a lovely day! xoxo

  24. Happy belated birthday from Amsterdam!!!
    I love the card with the leaves hanging there...it's super!

  25. Oh Trinsch HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm so sorry to hear about the camera - and you of all people - the one who takes such beautiful nature photos! Without a camera it must feel like your arm is missing... get it replaced soon! xo

    I need more fall too - even as a native Californian I've always yearned for more leaves and color... :)

  26. Happy birthday! I'll be 38 in a week so I am in the middle of those feelings and thoughts of getting older too.

    So sorry to hear about your camera. It's only things but a camera is a very special thing.

  27. tillykke med fødselsdagen trinch!! et lidt forsinket tillykke. hvor ærgeligt at dit kamera er gået i stykker. jeg er også stor fan a gamle botaniske print. har et par stykker liggende, som jeg egentlig burde få hængt op. håber du havde en god fødselsdag!

  28. Happy Birthday

    and so sad ... i hope they can make a miracle in the repairshop!

  29. Sorry Trinsch, i'm late... Happy birthday to you, très bon anniversaire!
    Your "fall" is so beautiful...
    Thank you very much for your visit!