Thursday, November 19, 2009

letting go

i think we're on a mend. still reading, watching and resting a lot around here, and i am pretty sure it will be another quiet weekend. i am hopelessly behind. i have work to do, a house to clean, piles and piles of dirty laundry, a guest room to prep for my parents (yay!), and snail mail to send that should have been sent out a long time ago. and then of course i have started to think about christmas. not to mention all the blog posts i am longing to read.

yes, we celebrate christmas in this culturally mixed house. just after chanukka. usually in denmark, in which case i don't really decorate around the house, since we will anyway leave when it gets close and serious. but this year we're staying home. and it might be the holy land, but it sure is hard to get the christmas groove going. i know i will miss it, and that i will be slightly sad not to be "home" for christmas, so i am thinking i need to get this house ready for christmas by the first advent.

so what was i saying? oh, yes, i'm behind. with everything, but i hope i can be zen about it and relax a bit with the rest of the guys. they are all more or less still recovering. and i kind of need to recover too. at least mentally. this florence nightingale thing gets pretty frustrating in the end. it's not that i mind letting go of work and plans. but the problem is, that work and plans don't always agree. and thus, a lot of stress builds up while you sit there holding a sick child and think of all the things you should or could have been doing. or when you stare at a computer screen, completely blank because you didn't sleep much last night, but there's work that should be done. in fact it should have been done yesterday.

at least that's how it seems to be for me. having a sick family is a great lesson in letting go. i am trying...

and so, with perfect timing, i started my weekend now. because of that little strange detail, that we have weekends on fridays and saturdays. i'm still not used to that after seven years, but it sure comes in handy with an early start right now.

wishing you a happy weekend.


  1. Happy weekend to you too. I hope it'll be filled with a little more 'letting go' (and some healthy kids) ;-)

  2. I wish I could be there and babysit like the good "old" days.

    Shabat shalom

  3. happy weekend 2u2
    have rest and peace and fun

  4. i like: letting go. know exactly what you mean, i'm always and in everything behind. and always everywhere to late. did you made the photos with your new camera? just wonderful. send you very cozy dreams and superwoman energy. and i'm a bit sad that you don't live just around the corner. would be nice to invite you for tea. wish you a happy weekend*

  5. I´m the last one who could give you advice on letting go. I´m the chaotic type supremo and so far behind always with everything. I haven´t read blogs for ages and have like you snail mail to send that I weeks overdue. *sigh* But I hope to get a better organised person one day. One can hope.
    I hope your family will soon be healthy and your inner zen has time to come out. ;)
    Have a wonderful and relaxed weekend,

  6. Yes, I hope your weekend was restful for you all! I didn't realize your weekends were Friday and Saturday. So do people work on Sunday?

  7. i couldn't agree more. having a house full of sick people makes you realize that you just have to let the rest of the world do its thing. you have to accept that life's demands are going to pile up in the meantime. it's especially challenging at this time of the year with all of the holidays - so much to do, so much we should have done, so much to be thinking about. sometimes i think being sick is a welcome escape from it all.

  8. I'm so sorry about the sickness, and I can relate to your feelings about home and Christmas, but I'm sure you'll get your house ready and festive and magic for your family. I always feel odd about celebrating Christmas here, where it's usually still warmish, and the beach is just down the road. But it's totally Christmas-y for my kids!
    I think that family life is made very much of priorities and compromises. I'm not sure I get the letting go concept, to be honest. Things will get done, work, laundry, etc, but hardly ever in the order or timeframe we'd envisaged!
    Sending you hugs, it's great that your parents are coming!

  9. Trinsch - you've had your hands full! I know that overwhelming feeling very well ... I like an orderly nest :) though I like how you are handling it and trying to let go ... what else can one do? Glad that everyone is on the mend now ... xo