Tuesday, November 3, 2009

more drops

today the rain seems to be taking a break. we have had blue sky and no rain since early morning. i needed a break. it's good for the country, but i need a break. because it's not fun to be stuck indoor while it hails and the thunder storm is making the day as dark as night, which results in restless kids, the house being an utter mess and me slightly irritable.

and it didn't make my mood any better when the roof started to leak yesterday. yup, nice drops in the living room, the guest room and in the end, even in the dining room. israel is not build for the rain, or should i say, israel doesn't build for rain. streets get flooded, train stations under water, and our roof starts to leak. there are four places where the water is supposed to run down from the roof, but sometimes they get blocked by leaves and stuff, as they did yesterday. i called D to tell him about the indoor rain and he asked if i couldn't just put a bucket to catch the water. i was like "a bucket? you must be kidding me, i need a bath tub!" it wasn't like one place, more like long cracks where water dripped along the entire stretch. for some crazy lucky reason they moved around and exactly missed television, couch and bookshelves.

so, i had three kids running energetic around the house, trying to direct them away from our living room covered in towels . and as much as i love the open plan with no doors between kitchen, living room and dining room, it is not easy to create a no-trespassing zone when needed. i eventually put the tv on in our bedroom, but the weather made the satellite shaky, so every few minutes the signal disappeared, which made the kids pretty frustrated, as you might imagine.

oh, and the electricity tends to disappear too. every now and then it went out for just a second. not bad, but just enough to shot down the computer (as i was trying to work last night) and the oven (as i was trying to bake a cake for the late birthday party in the kindergarten today). i had candles lit on strategic places all over the house in case the electricity would go for a longer while. it happens a lot in this weather. and i was alone with the kids, so i needed to be able to get them together fast since they get scared if they are alone in a room and the light suddenly disappears.

so, what was i saying? oh yes, i need the rain to take a break. please!

all that said, it's still pretty, the rain and the rain drops. so indulge me. i had to show you a few more drops of water (but i will spare you the miserable sight of drops flooding my living room floor).

and see! we have fresh lemons coming. there are still some older ones left on some of the trees, but they are getting a bit dry. so these little darlings are the new batch that will add some freshness to a warm cup of tea in january and february.


  1. Amazing photos! I feel exactly the same about the rain. Your story reminded me of the top floor flat we rented in Rome: when it rained, we had to move furniture away from the leaky ceilings! In our current house, our roofs are more or less sound, but the power and phone lines are not ... I think I'd rather have leaky ceilings instead!
    Wait, what did I say?! Shouldn't I expect to have sound ceilings, and sound power and phone lines etc?!

  2. beautiful, beautiful photos. those baby lemons are so sweet (and, well, sour).

    sorry that the floodgates have opened. leaking sounds really awful, trinsch. i'm wishing you a good stretch of sunshine and dry days. hang in there!

  3. The weather is so weird: one minute it is sunny and the other minute it is raining in Tel Aviv!
    The first picture is amazing.
    I am sorry about your house: yesterday was a long day for you...

  4. Thank you very much for your visit Trinsch! Your photos are marvellous... Love the first one!

  5. Ohhh sounds like a major challenging day, I am sorry to hear you had to go through that! But you really turned a bad thing into a great thing with those photos Trinsch. Your nature shots are always so amazing...

  6. sorry about the leaks in your house. And I know exactly what you mean about kids having to be inside too long!!
    Beautiful photo's - just gorgeous.

  7. beautiful trinsch!
    how sweet can little lemons be :)

  8. your raindrops are beautiful and i love the nascent little lemons...hope it gives you a break soon, tho'