Sunday, January 31, 2010

eggs + one chicken

i still think it's awesome every single time i go and collect eggs in the chicken coop. such a sweet deal: food leftovers for eggs.

last week D forgot to close the door and they all ventured into the garden. not a big deal, they will eventually return to the coop. only minus is that they leave chicken crap everywhere. and that's not so cool when the kids run around and play. plus, they eat from the veggie garden (but we don't have anything out of the ground yet these days. just planted a whole lot of potatoes, onions and tomatoes, though).

when the kids got back from kindergarten i had them chase them back into the coop, poor things (the chickens - kids had a blast). when we were done there was an extra chicken in the coop. no idea where it came from.

i have been a little busy, and have not visited many blogs lately. i am looking so much forward to catch up, but for the time being i will have to restrain myself every time the urge comes around. *sigh*

ps: thank you for all the sweet feedback to my little wild thing illustration from last post. i have been working on several things - can't wait to share with you.


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  2. So many wonderful things here on your blog, Trinsch.
    Good to stop by and catch up.

  3. it cracks me up that you now have an extra chicken... :) you must have the most fun coop in the neighborhood. :)

  4. it is awesome! they are tasty as well!

  5. Extra chicken, more eggs! Beautiful photos of those beauties up close...