Wednesday, January 6, 2010

life goes on

i signed up for the 365 group on flickr created by julochka of moments of perfect clarity. which made me actually take photos these past days of feeling not so good, like those two above, that i really like. they make me happy.

it's a very inspiring group with talented people offering great feedback. i already feel i have learned so much - in theory at least - from reading comments to mine as well as to other photos in the group.

i have not really read any blogs in the past week. nor have i replied to any of those sweet and encouraging comments you left me in this time regarding my career doubts and me being a bit sick. but please do know that i am so grateful and that i so appreciate your concern and to hear your thoughts. i feel better now, in body and mind, and went through my blog feed. so much goodness waiting for me out there in blog world. i will catch up soon, but not today.

i wish there was a pause button for ordinary life to push when you yourself need to slow down for a day. or three. but no such thing. so today, since i am feeling better, i have some catching up to do around the house. i think i will get started with this (and that's just the clean pile).

ps: that knitted wool throw on the couch. i love it. it's handknit, and i found it a couple of years back in a thrift store in denmark. ridiculously cheap. it's only used those few months of cold we have here in israel. it's just impossible to even look at thick wool like this in the hot summer days without starting to itch and break into a sweat. maybe that's why i treasure it so much more.


  1. i´m glad you are feeling better:)

  2. It looks like something from South America (the throw). I totally utterly hate folding laundry and putting it away: hope you can get it done quicker than it normally takes me! So glad you're feeling better, mind and body.

  3. Oh... I understand what you mean... I hate that but I had to start to make a list of every little thing I have to do (and I am just talking about my tasks as a mum/wife)
    I never found the pause button but I will keep you posted if I do;)

  4. and both of those photos went into explore too! yay for photography pulling us out of our funk!

    hope you're feeling much better by now. i had a flu as well, but it was pretty precisely a 36 hour bug and so i suddenly got energy back and did laundry too. and sorted my fabric stash. weird, huh?

  5. Fantastic idea this flickr group !
    + cool to know you feel better !

  6. The mushroom photo is glorious! Really, really beautiful.

    I tried to do 365 a few times, but something always happens early on, like I have a hurried day or I fall sick. I have signed up with a friend to do 365 poems in 365 ays. I was supposed to start two days ago. Um, I haven't written anything yet. Blaargh!

    By the way, I definitely am in favor of a pause button.

  7. that looks just like the ever-present pile of unlaundered clothing on my sofa! :)

  8. Oh, I hope this finds you feeling much, much better! LOVE the mushroom shot! Amazing detail in those little fellows.

  9. Your photos share a piece of your life. I am not a fan of folding clothes either (thank goodness my husband does this most of the time) or empty the dishwasher. Funny is I like to handwash the dishes. Continue to follow your path in feeling better. xo