Sunday, January 10, 2010

persimmons and the good mess

i don't buy persimmons very often. but when i do we just eat them raw, like fruit. is it considered a fruit or a vegetable? they look really pretty and i wonder if i can cook with them. how do you eat persimmons?

did you have a good weekend? we did. as in did absolutely nothing. last weekend was so very hectic with birthday parties of both friends and family, so this weekend was a stay-at-home kind. it was good.

today sunday (which in the rest of the world is better known as monday, the day the week begins) i spent the entire day cleaning and organizing. those weekends at home with the entire family playing, resting, gardening, eating, cooking, etc, they sure create a mess. a good, warm, fun mess though.


  1. Har skrevet en kommentar til 9.dec.( hyacinter)
    Venlig hilsen EM

  2. Persimmons... first, just to look at them is almost enough because they are such a thing of beauty. Second, I bake with them, though I haven't found recipes I like yet.

    I am up to my ears in mess - maybe I will take a cue from you and sort some of it today :^)

    Happy Sunday Trinsch!

  3. I eat persimmons only in Israel!
    We plan to come back in August, I think.
    I miss it so much!!!!

    Beautiful pictures!!!

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  5. I'd never tasted nor heard of persimmons until around 5 weeks ago (do they even have them in the Danish supermarkets? ) but now I'm obsessed. They're so good -the have such a lovely cinnamon-y Christmas taste, don't they?

    Ja, du har nok ret i at det ikke bliver hvid jul til nœste år-desvœrre. På den anden side, så er Danmark nu nok smukkest sådan en varm August dag, så måske I alligevel valgte det rigtige tidspunkt at besøge DK på?

  6. I've never eaten one, but I have a friend in Italy where many of them grow. He always told me to wait until they seem almost over ripe, and then eat them like fruit. For some reason, I've been a little scared to try them. I feel ridiculous.

  7. lovely series. i don't remember ever tasting persimmons. i guess that by the time they get up here, they don't look as tasty anymore. I should try them though.

  8. Fruit, but you need to wait until they're really ripe. I'm cleaning and organizing too, but it feels like I do that all year round - with little results, I guess:(

  9. they are called sharan fruit here.
    only to buy at the turkisch market store.
    very exotic to me, like fresh figs.
    ultimate summer.
    i like them and eat them like you do.

  10. I have never tried persimmons. Do you peel and eat? They are a pretty though. I spent yesterday cleaning and tossing things. I would love to paint a wall or two. xo