Wednesday, February 3, 2010

corner view - sweets. and happiness

this weeks corner view is sweets. also i have been meaning to do the happiness 101 post since sweet courtney from scattering lupines tagged me a little while back. and since sweets make me happy, and happiness is sweet, well, then let's do a combo.

:: sweets. cookies and chocolate are my favorites. and i like the taste of seasons. the cinnamon and spicy winter cakes, the special christmas cookies and fruity desserts of summer. after 8 years in israel i have also come to love the sweets that come with the jewish holidays. we just had tubi shwat, where it is all about dried fruits. in december it was suvganiot for hanukkah. and with purim coming up, these favorites of mine just re-entered my life: osnei hamman (hamman's ears). he was an evil king, and sometime soon i will tell you why we are eating his ears at purim, but i'll have to be another day.

and the 9 other things that make me happy:

:: yoga (after a long break i made my way back)

:: books

:: a stormy sea

:: wild flowers

:: a beautiful sunset

:: good food. improvised at home or out with friends

:: to create (and the vacuum in time it brings)

:: garlands (on a rainy day)

:: a good nights sleep (and waking quietly watching the morning sun)

i left out the obvious: D, the kids, my family in denmark, my friends, my home, my blog (mainly because of YOU :). and of course art, music, traveling . and on and on and on it goes. gosh! so many things to be happy about in this world (i wonder why i still get the blues sometimes!?)


for more sweets, jane's got the treats. wishing you a sweet and happy day.

(and if you wish to share your happiness, please join in on the happiness 101. making lists is always good, making lists of happy things is even better)


  1. this is such a pretty shot. my grandmother used to make these. i haven´t had them in years. i´d love it if you could give me the recipe. (when you have time) thanks trinsch!

  2. sweeet..
    i love sweets and baking-things... and pretty photographs

    happysweets day to-you-too

  3. I love suvganiot!!!

    This photo is beautiful and these cookies... If the bakery around the corner would sell some, I would leave immediately the office:)

    Although I am trying to be sugarless for a while again, I think I will have to eat a dessert today after all these yummy photos!

  4. How interesting to have a culinary calendar, with a specific sweet for every occasion!

  5. Happy sweet days for you!

    special sweets for special days

  6. mmmm sweets, yoga, sunsets...i'm getting pretty happy too thinking of those things :)

  7. yum! great photo too.

    "i wonder why i still get the blues sometimes"...yeah, i know what you mean.

  8. Pastries and chocolate - the best - and eating in season adds to the joy :)

    Yes, for the HAPPY things!!!

  9. as always, I love your words. I can fell your feelings here! thanks lovely trinch...

  10. most people panic about their diets around christmas, but i totally lose control at purim. i buy at least three boxes of hamentashen and eat EVERY SINGLE ONE!

  11. HuH?? I thought I already posted a comment here, since I visited this blog already this morning. But maybe...maybe I was in such a hurry (again...blame my Italian lesson too early in the morning).
    Anyway...I can still remember what I thought:
    That picture is sweet and sereen and it made me hungry, very hungry. And it's a lovely list, full of gratitude, Brava!!!
    Oh and yes, those cookies are a Dutch thing;-)

  12. it's just a different name for the same cookie! they are so good!

  13. I'm not Jewish so why did I "celebrate" Tu-Bishvat?!'s just that I love the fact that it's about a special day for trees and that I want to "introduce" my kids to the diversity of traditions or rituals of many religions. Not that I'm going to celebrate ALLLLL of them. Just the ones that seems like fun (to me). And I have always been a bit curious about the Jewish religion and traditions. This seemed to me like a good excuse to learn something about it.

  14. Those look delicious! Is that chocolate in them I see? Yum. I liked that you included other favorite things - we are quite alike in our favorites. Happy Corner View day.

  15. Love this shot! Very yummy! I'd love the recipe...

  16. sweet lovely list!
    thank you, trinsch :)

  17. rather funny how it seems certain sweets are so intrinsically related to religion. I never think about it that way (as I'm not really religious), but I like the traditional bit that goes with it.

    okay, who am I trying to kid here? I just like chocolate, biscuits, cake, sweets... any time of the year. soon enough I'll turn into a lardy-arsed-ninja, woo hoo. no more (ninja) cat suits for me, then. ha! :P

    love that pic, by the way but I skipped brekkie and you're making me suffer now.

  18. yes its very good to make a list from all the good things you will be called : Count all your blessings.
    Life can be good because all the inspiration around us. Have a sweet day today.

  19. I'm crazy about these cookies too and like the things you like...

  20. I have never made cookies... but these are so sweet !!! I will try ; )

  21. I started yoga again after a long break.
    it was soooo great !!!!

  22. "good food" sounds great! I used to cook pasta a lot but I make Japanese food these days...brown rice, griled salmon and miso soup.. something simple..

    The sweets look so delicious! I have a sweet tooth in the winter!!

    Hope you are having a great weekend!