Thursday, May 6, 2010

gray on gray

these espadrilles from american vintage are my new favorite shoes right now. i love the dark gray. the day i bought these i - once again - passed by ikea. i was looking for something else, which i didn't find, but then i saw this beautiful woolen throw by kazuyo nomura. it brings back memories of summerhouses in denmark with old woolen blankets smelling of sun and sea. and i love the pattern.

and talking about gray. it's time for kittens on the front porch. i am constantly chasing the boys away, they are dying to pick them up and cuddle them, but they are still tiny tiny and not to be touched by us. not to mentioned that the proud mama is very anxious when they are near. and we just can't have anything like this happen again.


  1. The espadrilles and woolen throw are both great gifts to yourself! :) Hope the kittens do well!

  2. Beautiful photos...
    I couldn't bear to click on "this"... :\ Too emotional today!
    I love the print of the throw too!

  3. Gray is one of my favorite hues and I decided to also base my spring/summer wardrobe on the shade.

    These lovely images are so appealing to me.

  4. h my! there is not more beautiful grey than those kittens! i can feel their softness from the photo!