Monday, May 3, 2010

like a magic dance

the storks are passing by these days on their way north. they are feeding on the fields surrounding us, and when the evening falls they rest in the tall eucalyptus trees. i took the kids for a bike ride this weekend and we saw them up close. such huge birds!

yesterday dudu called me from the car as he was driving towards our house. he told me to go out and look up. what a sight. there's something about the way bird formations change. like waves, still then rolling, turning, changing directions in several layers. like a magic dance on the sky.


  1. oh wow! from the pictures alone i would never have guessed these are storks. it must be stunning to see so many of them in formation!

  2. wow wee magnificent!!! I have never seen storks fly in a flock before - very different looking than smaller birds. What a treat for you to see in person, and thank you for sharing the photos with us!

  3. amazing! love to watch them when they do there complex but so natural choreography!
    thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi I popped in here quite by chance and must say that those storks must have been an amazing site. We get them down here in South Africa, but not in these quantities.
    The fruit in the post below this one we call loquats. I have not eaten them in years.

  5. The storks migrate through here (Oman), but not in such large numbers; usually in twos and threes. It must have been a great experience to see so many together.