Thursday, June 3, 2010

on the wall

i changed the wall in the living room. moved the boards and put up framed art work. including some of my own things (which i am not really sure i am completely comfortable with for some reason).

i love to see what people choose to display on their walls. it says a lot about them, shows who they are. what do you think people see, when they look at your walls?

many of you liked the quote i used in yesterday's post. it is from a speech by haruki murakami that he gave when he received the jerusalem prize in literature this last fall. i linked to the entire speech via sarapirat and her adventures, but later i realized, that it wasn't really clear, that there is so much more where it came from. you can also read it here. it is a beautiful and inspiring speech.


  1. I don't know what my walls say about me. I love them white and empty in my living room.
    It actually just changed yesterday because now I own my very first painting (from the exhibition in December:)): yay!!!
    I love the first photo of this post!

  2. If I were to pick my favorites from your wall, they would be the two botanicals and your pieces. There is a quality of innocent joy in your art that is very uplifting.

    My walls would say that I love nature, photography, watercolors, and my mother's art!

  3. i know that feeling of discomfort that comes with putting one's on art on the walls... i have lots of pieces from other artists, but very few of my own! i think your artwork looks terrific on your wall!

  4. white frames on white walls look great and I recognise the picture of a girl and a tree from one of your previous post, it's beautiful!

    thanks for the link to the speech, Murakami is one of my favourite authors and that quote was incredibly thought provoking...

  5. very beautiful the picture with the shadows.
    and i like your exhibition. beautiful aswell!

  6. a beautiful wall for a beautiful person ...

  7. i like your wall very very very much! my walls are quite empty. just some colored walls like the green one. seams like a big green picture. but i really would like to have a collection like yours. but i'm a little bit afraid..seams so difficult to me - choosing the right pictures. have a wonderful week*

  8. The top photo is amazing and I LOVE your wall. Especially the piece with the white tree and the girl with red stockings - where did you get that? Looks like something from Etsy :)
    About the big shitty Gaza shit shit - it's all over the news here, all the time, and everyone, the government as well, expresses their disgust. But i don't really know if they hear much about it in the U.S. I guess they're buried in oil, so to speak.
    It's nice to be back here, I haven't visited here for quite a while :)