Sunday, July 25, 2010

good evening, good morning

fire just never gets old and boring, does it? and see, those blankets came in handy. not that he needed one. it's still hot. but it feels good to wrap up in one anyway, doesn't it?


i did this post before leaving israel, but never posted it. so here it is. we're enjoying ourselves in denmark. will get back to you soon on that. wishing you a wonderful new week.


  1. i thought they might! those blankets!
    today it is raining for the first time in sweden. and the temperature dropped alot in one go. all of a sudden i feel the autumn sneaking closer. even though i will have enough heat waves once i am back in the holy land....

  2. Fires are always wonderful. Definitely a necessity when camping and always wonderful at the beach, and I love to curl up on the sofa in the winter with the fire blazing and a glass of red wine in hand.

  3. I love to wrap myself in a blanket..even when its hot!! Wish you a good week there!

  4. I am wrapped in a blanket right now! Even though Florida heat is full upon us. But I admit I am cheating... the air conditioning is on...