Friday, July 30, 2010

on a rainy day

it's raining today. right now it feels good and cozy. haven't had cold, rainy weather for so very long. i do hope it's only a short break, though. not sure for how long the sound of the rain on the window, rubber boots and and hot drinks will feel as exotic as it does right now. and if this weather lasts for days we might have to figure out something slightly more entertaining than watching the snails escape the little yellow bowl.


  1. That's a lovely photo.

    We won't be able to make it to Tel Aviv this summer, but I really hope we will meet sometime soon.

    Maybe you will come to Paris and we will have lunch in one of my favorite bistrot?


  2. i find snails to be so intriguing. lovely photo!

  3. haha, this already sounds quite intriguing, although it's a little slow.

  4. Oh my goodness, sounds like the perfect day...and that picture of the snail is so precious