Tuesday, August 3, 2010

changing perspective

seing so much and so many these days. feels good. and exhausting. D came yesterday, it was good, but the kids were so hyper as in really difficult to focus and behave normal, and he completely tired from travelling all night. not the best combination. at least not for me because i took upon myself to be the one to try and make things work out the best. instead i got irritated on everyone. what a day of mixed emotions. isn't it strange how family life can sometimes turn everything around, everyone having their own expectations and plans. the ones you love the most, you know. plus the fact that children just pick up on emotions and multiply them over and over. i went to bed thinking "tomorrow, we'll try it again". to reunite.

and so today was much better. we went for a trip to the city, took a tour with the canal boat. saw copenhagen from another angle. sometimes it's good to see things in a different perspective, and sometimes that takes a good night's sleep.

those photos above doesn't have anything to do with copenhagen canal tours, though. just random, from museums, friends' houses and gardens. i never made it for jane's "me" cornerview, but the last one up there is a self portrait, framed by my friend's beautiful mirror. wishing you a happy day.


  1. oh, expectations, meetings, distances and such.,
    my mother always tells me to 'sleep on it' when i don't know what i want or how to do things. it works, sometimes...

  2. It's hard to do what we feel is the right thing when we feel so much in the moment...I love the "tomorrow, we'll try it again" Isn't that what life is all about...?...Trying for a better tomorrow.
    I have a few pictures of my Father's Leeks gone to flower too...Now I have a bunch sitting on my table. My kitchen smells strong of oniony-leek. :)
    Lovely set of photos Trinsch!

  3. That eggcup with chicken feet is very funny:)
    Little kids are quite sensitive to big changes. Hope things stay better now that you're all together.

  4. family is like this: never perfect, always unexpected. things can change in seconds. a balancing act. always surprising. up and down. and you're so right it's good to change perspective from time to time. a different view on things helps. wish you peace, humor and happiness*