Saturday, August 28, 2010

getting settled

we're home. didn't take any photos since returning, so instead i'll share some from those last days with sun, rain and lots of green. the end of the danish summer.

here we're boiling. i have been told it is to be considered cold and refreshing compared to what has been. but it's plenty hot for me. i do enjoy being back, though. yesterday we went to the beach by sunset. the kids went inside. it was quite amazing to sit there in the hot evening air and watch their silhouettes in the water against the red sunset.

i will return to getting settled. have a wonderful weekend.


  1. -er der noget som den danske sommer...;) som lige pudselig føles lidt efterårsagtigt...det er skønt...;)
    Fede billeder...

  2. i think blog reading has made me that much more aware of how different nature and the seasons are around the world. it's pretty amazing.

    lovely photos from a northern climate.

    hope you and your family are settling back in well.

  3. welcome back! these pictures are amazing...
    and it is true, it has been so much warmer, that this almost seems like cool. and in the north, where the middle eastern autumn for sure starts earlier, the evenings are already getting a bit nippy. i enjoy that.

  4. wow that first photo!
    have a great weekend:)

  5. Ah, Trinsch, you take such beautiful photos. Your child looks like a sleeping angel.