Sunday, November 28, 2010

neve tsedek :: yaffo

the day my friend left we went to neve tsedek for brunch. that's me right up there. i'm all over the place with portraits of moi these days, but this one i really liked. my friend took it and i love that you see her reflected in the glasses. and i love the sunflares and how the direct sunlight makes everything on the left side all soft. and it was a good meal too :)

then we strolled to yaffo for the fleamarket before i took her to the airport. in yaffo i found some really cheap type setter trays, and so i bought one as a birthday gift and another for myself. i found them in a shop with old wooden stuff all over the place. pretty much my idea of heaven.

and then there was this other shop. new stuff, made of discarded industrial wood. awesome stuff. like this plate shelf. the plates was instant love too. the texts are in hebrew and says "with love", "feel at home", bon appetit" etc.

it's still summer around here. but the nights are getting quite cold, so i've been digging for the woolen stuff. finally.

wishing you a beautiful first advent and a wonderful week.


  1. ah, i would have loved to share that brunch with you, it looks so good!

    and i so agree, the softness, the light flare, the whole mood of that portrait is so perfect - there's something to that scene that probably only a good friend can capture, right?

  2. hey, you were in 'my' hoods...
    and me too i like this portrait of yours, looking good!
    when are you going to denmark? i am abit jealous, would love to go to sweden. i long for snow and winter all the time these days.

    which one is your favorite restaurant btw? where you went for your bday? i am making a list of places to eat...

  3. i loved wandering in yaffo....
    love your portrait!

  4. you look like a movie star! so nice to see what you look like. . . lucky you pulling out the woolen things... : ) i can dream.

  5. you look beautiful and the meal wonderful! xo