Friday, November 12, 2010

strange shapes

i think i mentioned her before, but i'll do it again. i just love the art of aris of peekadoo. i have one of her prints and i am so happy for it. she's making these amazing portraits if people and relations. last week i saw this post, and i loved the shapes. they reminded me of organic beauty and the constant transformation in nature. or something.

i had a wonderful birthday, thank you very much :) i must admit, though, that the hectic level of life these days got the best of me. we went out for dinner. D, my good friend, S, visiting from denmark and i. to my favorite restaurant in tel aviv. i had a strawberry daquiri and then, after our starters, i was literally falling asleep at the table. you know that feeling you have if you watch a movie late at night and you just cannot keep your eyes open? that was me, at the table, in my favorite restaurant. i looked like i had been drugged (i was told), as i drifted away, with closed eyes, now and then. i had no clue i was that tired, and i didn't realize it until i sat down and had a drink.

that said, i'm off to bed. have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Happy, happy,happy belated birthday!!!!

    You know what? I'd like to send you one of my prints for your birthday; if that would please you of course.

    If so, choose whichever you like most and send me you postal address at

  2. oh, i so know that feeling!
    i am curious which one is your favorite restaurant?
    and i hope you get to sleep A LOT this weekend.
    enjoy! sweet dreams

  3. I missed your birthday, so HAPPY belated one!

    Oh Trinsch - I would give you a hug if I could! I know that feeling very well. In fact, sounds a little like how I've been lately. It's understandable, be good to yourself, xo

    Nice to visit your blog again :^)

  4. Happy belated birthday Trinsch! And thank you for your lovely comments, you made my day. I haven't been able to make my daily rounds lately and I miss coming here, such a beautiful place to be. Hope all is well, I am off to catch up! Thanks again!

  5. I admire Aris too, she makes fantastic drawings. As beautiful as your photos :)

  6. Interesting photo. Can't tell if it is some kind of plant or a bug. Glad you had such a nice birthday. Even more nice that you had friends to share it with.

  7. happy belated, trinsch! sounds like you got the gift of rest for your birthday.

    hmmm, intrigued by your photos and those of your friend.