Thursday, December 23, 2010

christmas sweets

the theme is definitely food. and with a snow storm even more so - you have to sit inside and warm your body and soul with good food and treats. and luckily there's time to cook and bake.

yesterday i went to a friends house. we baked cookies with five boys. it was sweet, energetic and very loud.

i'm happy we're just staying here for christmas. the entire country is on a stand still because of a blizzard, making driving almost impossible. this evening we went to my brother's house for dinner, luckily he's not living far away, so we put the kids on the sleds and walked there. as much as it slows down everything, calls for planning and extra effort, it also makes for such a special time, which i really enjoy and treasure.

merry christmas to everyone from me xoxo


  1. merry christmas trinsch, i will get some snow too when i go after all, next week! phew, so happy!
    tomorrow i am baking lussebullar and gingerbreads, how do you do the white glazing on top of them?
    enjoy enjoy enjoy
    love and kiss

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. happy holidays Trinch, to you and your family. Enjoy the snow!

  4. We also made cookies, one of the best memories of Christmas for us. Blessings!