Monday, December 6, 2010

still shapes

shadow and light. in the afternoon the light plays through the trees outside. playful shapes on the wall. almost magical. like blur, what is, but without the rough edges. i like it like that, even if i am standing pretty solid on the ground as i take it in.

i am in the middle of changing my mind again. will it ever be it? i envy those who feel so sure about their goals. in life and from day to day. and funny how i found myself blurring up my motives just as my path ahead is hard to make out.

it rained last night. drops of sweet water falling softly on all the dried-out land. for those who lost their loved ones or their homes it was too late, and will only mirror the sorrow they feel, the tears they cry.

now let's just hope there will be more water for us in those heavy clouds. the galilee sea needs it, the country needs it. and on a more selfish note, i need that snow in denmark to wait for me. i want to play in the snow with my boys :)


  1. I find that goals for myself are more difficult to define now that I have a family. But also now that I'm older - I'm not sure that it makes any sense.
    I think there's plenty of water and snow across Europe at the moment, I hope you get some over there too. Will you be spending Christmas in Denmark?

  2. It's awful about the huge fire. I'm surprised and relieved though that so many countries ended up helping out (esp Palestine). I think that means something huge. I hope...

    I'm always trying to figure out what my goals are. I too go through phases of questioning... and these past few days are included.

  3. Goals are so hard. Not quite the same (to me ) as 'goals' (should I capitalize that?) when I was younger. Now as I get older my goals are less linear, more amorphous, adaptive and ever changing in this life with little boys. :)

  4. the rain, finally. and still, like you write, for some it came too late.

    i hope you will find clarity. perhaps in the snow? goals are changing, just like life.
    when are you living? want to drink a coffee before or after?

  5. dear trinsch, your words are always touching. maybe because i often feel the same. i'm always changing my mind. like the wind and the waves and everything changes and what is. is. and what will be. will be. send you some snowhugs from zurich*

  6. What interesting pictures! I find it hard to make a picture look good while it's blurry but you did a very good job! :)