Tuesday, March 8, 2011

in the air

it's blooming. flowers appearing, sweet smell in the air. our orange trees are covered in white dots greeting me in the evening with their sweet smell. for some reason the smell is stronger in the evening. and these rotem flowers, tiny and plentyful on bushes spread out through the landscape i watch while riding the train in the morning, adding sweetness to all the green, to the beginning of my day, that is now so different than before.

the beginning of our new family life has begun. i started working, but so far it's ok, as we have lined up support (my parents are visiting this month) for an easy transition for everyone. and i think, it will be fine. i have, though, cut down on many other activities for the time being, including blogging - posting as well as commenting and visiting. i am not sure when i will be able return to regular blogging habits, but i guess time will show. until then ... xoxo


  1. Sending warm wishes for an easy transition my friend. Many blessing to you and your family as you take this new journey. xo

  2. have a great time living your new life
    how wonderful to have such great parents
    enjoy your work!
    and your solo-time in the train

    all best wishes for you!

  3. I used to take the train to work - looking out the window and catching "little moments" of other peoples lives was so interesting, I loved it. Glad to hear you are seeing beautiful things too. A nice adventure between home and work.

    Life and work happens... take care of yourself, we will be here. xo

  4. Oh! Orange blossoms sound so good! Lucky, lucky you.

    Coming out of lurkage to say:"Thinking of you as you make this transition.I hope it goes well and that the pain is minimal."

  5. i envy this smell so much!
    after I went back to work full time, it took me 6 months be able to blog regularly again and i only comment once a week and not as thoroughly as i did before. time being what it is you know...

  6. Hope you're enjoying your new job. Your parents are super sweet to come and help you, what a blessing!

  7. Every time when I see a blooming flower it smells like spring to me :)

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