Sunday, April 17, 2011

we're good

a while back i went for a walk with N. in the spring green. it's still green, but summer hit us yesterday. i'm head over heels happy about that. i didn't realize how much i missed the heat until it - literally - hit me in the face.

these photos are the last i uploaded to the internet before the camera got stolen. and thank you for all your lovely comments to my last post after the break in. i appreciate everyone's concern and support. it was awful, and we're no longer leaving the windows unlocked at night. but otherwise i'm ok with it now. bad things happen, but we move on.

and since my lovely husband brought me a new camera the other day, i am once again equipped to take photos. i am happy, though, that i got to keep the one above of my boy. he gave me a flower and placed it behind my ear. then he wanted one too and asked me if i thought he looked like a girl now. i said he looked absolute cute, boy or girl, with or without strawbeey juice down his chin :)

yesterday we were at the beach, kids in the water, me definitely not ready to go in, but excited to start the summer. on the way to the car i said "so, that's it. from now on we'll go to the beach most weekends", and D said "hey, that's  not the worst place to spent the weekends". i couldn't agree more.

tomorrow is pesach, it's 30 degrees celcius at 9pm, and i'm having a cold beer as i write. yup, we're good.
hag pesach sameach - happy easter


  1. happy that you are good again!
    hag sameach!

  2. sounds good, happy to read! absolutely adorable your boy.
    take care, enjoy the holidays,
    hope to see you soon *i return in may!*