Wednesday, November 9, 2011

4 days for 40 years

november came and she brought colder weather and last week even rain and thunder. now the un is out again, but the season has changed. the nights are cold, the air dry and crisp. we even pulled out the heavy winter duvets.

the other day i picked the kids from kindergarten in heavy rain and we walked home. i was without a car, so it wasn't out of choice, but i decided to make it fun and so i didn't even try to make it home with dry kids. we walked through the dirt roads, all muddy and full of puddles. i don't think we missed one as they jumped (and fell) into every single one. when we came back we were all soaking wet, but laughing. and we were treated with hot cocoa and pancakes by my mother who is visiting.

the desktop up there is the october treat from geninne. and of course november is ready now, beautiful as always. i have it already. november is my month, the month i was born.

today my dad will arrive and tomorrow i'm off with the husband, leaving the kids behind to be terribly spoiled by their grandparents.

we'll leave for 4 days and i'll turn 40 in paris. 


  1. oh, what a super lovely idea to spend your 40th in paris with the husband. happy happy birthday to you!

  2. sounds great,
    i really hope you will have a wonderful four days! bring us some photos!
    forty sounds good...

    happy birthday dear trinsch,
    hopefully a cocktail before i turn 30 and 41?

  3. Nothing beats treating kids to the child inside of the parent... well maybe warm apple pie or being spoiled by grandparents. :)
    have a brilliant time in Paris. Being 40 rocks.

  4. An excellent way to enjoy a rainy day. Have a wonderful time in Paris and Happy Birthday.

  5. happy (belated) birthday Trine! what a perfect way to spend your bday.