Monday, November 21, 2011

paris glimpses

top photo from first night in paris, dinner at anahi on rue volta, an old butcher's shop made in to south amrican restaurant. that is, a meat restaurant. loved the place, the athmosphere.

the following day was foggy. loved how the eiffel tower just disappeared into the clouds that day.

more to come...


  1. lovely!
    my favorites are the one with the eiffel tour,
    and the one with the guy in front of the computer and the man with the backpack!

    hope you are well,

  2. isn't paris a city that conveys wonder? i think it's my favorite city - right next to lisbon ... and new york.

  3. your photo of the eiffel tower is absolutely amazing. so glad you had a great trip!

  4. looks like this time of year is a nice time to visit paris. what a nice series of pics.

  5. nice to see 'my' city through your eyes :-)
    and happy to discover your blog - lovely photographs!