Wednesday, November 23, 2011

paris thoughts

our last three days in paris were sunny. i spent some time on the second day on my own walking around without a plan while husband met up with a friend to play tennis (yes, i know?! tennis, in paris... but why? i have no idea).

it was great. back in the days when i studied literature i spent a fall semester in paris. i've visited since, but this time it was fall again. the same light, the same colors. beside the fact that it brings back memories, i love how a certain place, smell, music can change your mindset. for a moment. or more. it's like your thoughts on life, presence, are mixing with something that was, making things here and now seem the same, but something feels different.

i'm not making sense, right? guess i'm not sure what i'm trying to say. i did buy a cloud, thoug. nothing makes a blue sky brighter than a little white cloud.

and happy b-day, big brother


  1. luuv the cloud
    and the pic with the locks..

    paris... so cool...
    been there twice
    wishing by then, to could live there for a year or so and then going to the louvre each sunday.
    did'nt do it ;)


  2. oh it makes complete sense!
    i know exactly what you mean.
    lovely this cloud,
    and tennis in paris?! hahaha!
    did you have some creme caramel?

  3. i love your photos of paris. my men would totally understand going to Paris and playing tennis (preferably at Roland Garros), i often experience those etherial waves of something that was.