Monday, December 12, 2011

december beach

how i like the beach. blues and white. wind and waves. happiness and little things.


  1. my daughter asked me why in the US there is no beach & sea. it is a privilege to live near the Mediterranean, isn't it?

  2. Hello Trinsch - So nice to see your little ones romping at the seashore. Such sweet children.

    Happy new week!

  3. how lucky we are to have this amazing coast line so close by.
    and it is so great in the winter, when the crowd is gone...

    also very nice series from the museum down here.
    i would love to go there, have to admit that i haven't been.
    you are leaving soon right?

  4. Catching up with you after some time :) Happy advent!

  5. Beautifully rugged coastline!
    Hav en god jul i DK.

  6. ooohhh i want a beach close to my house as well!!! beautiful!!