Monday, December 5, 2011

where's the spirit?

i cannot seem to find my christmas vibe. and i know the middle eastern weather is partly to blame, but last year i had breakfast in the garden with the advent candle burning, and i felt more in the spirit than i do now. it's just too soon. i'm still hanging on to this feeling of fall and rain and soup. ok, it's not rain these days, but it's cold enough to call soup weather.

i digged out the christmas box. we have a few things, little elfs, felted hearts, som angel candle holders. i was surprised - in the good way - to see how the boys immediately remembered and got excited. even here, so far from christmas and everything that has to do with it, i can give them something of mine. something that we share and treasure. mixed up with all the chanukkah that is also happening right now. it's all good.

anyway, i emptied the box but i'm still looking for the christmas spirit. could be i left it in denmark last year. we'll see when i get there.

happy week to you.


  1. i know what you are talking about, i did not even manage to have some advent candles... i really need to get started...but it is hard if you are doing it only for yourself.

  2. funny, i feel exactly the same, and every year it is a little bit like that,
    but this year especially, i have this feeling that the autumn passed SO quickly!
    i am still left somewhere in september i guess...

    but once we go north it will come, inevitably, don't you think?

    and very nice, the last paris shots.