Saturday, March 31, 2012


the kids have enjoyed these weeks with my parents. my mother left this week, my dad came a bit after my mother and is staying a few more days.

it's been a while. can i be a drag here for second and return to the big topic for the last few months? in my life, and here. not that i've been around here much, but hey - it kind of feels like i haven't been much around in my life either. we've been too sick for me to really be "around" anything. yes. we continued our days with fever. one child after the other, taking turns. and once in a while i'd join them. yes, i know, another post of self pity. sorry.

then a couple of weeks back i went down really bad with a cold and fever. and just couldn't get over it. the last week my mom was here i slept most of the time. like really tired. got up to take kids to kindergarten, got back to sleep. up to work a bit, show my parents i was alive, then sleep again. pick kids, and have them running around, being entertained by my parents and pretend i was there, but i don't think i'd kid anyone as i would drape myself on the coach. when the children went to bed around 8pm i'd go straight to bed too.

D is not in the picture here, cause he's pretty much been out of the picture. especially the last couple of weeks. this is march and there's some sort of financial year ending on march 31. so he's been coming in at 3am for a few hours of sleep and then back to work. as you can imagine he loves his job this time of the year. almost as much as i do.

so finally i went to the doctor. and it turned out i had pneumonia. and then i'd go on my second round of antibiotics this winter.

but. it's getting warmer and the sun is shining. in fact all the way into my living room through clean windows (thanks mom).

not sure how i would have survived this last month if my parents hadn't been around.


  1. I hope you are finally on the mend. Your children look so happy, grandparents are very special.

  2. must be difficult with everyone and yourself getting ill ...get well soon

  3. oh... i am sorry for you. i hope you will feel better soon.

  4. aww, trine, i really hope you are feeling much better very, very soon! the sun will do you good. may the coming month have lots of good things in store for you. x

  5. You sick, husband working late, and 3 handsome active boys. I'm happy your parents were there to help you too. Feel better my friend. xo

  6. so sorry to read this (late), hope you're better now. it's amazing what parents can do - travel across continents to be with their children and grandchildren, and be there when needed. thank goodness for grandparents! families are a good precious thing, and sometimes the only thing that can make us pull through a hard patch. be well.

  7. dear trinsch, long time!! i really really hope you feel much better now! sending you lots of energy!!