Sunday, April 29, 2012

details and bumpy roads

sometimes it seems like my auto focus zooms in on the little things, the details, and that i miss the big picture. but then other times it is clear that it is those details that make a whole.

i know that at some point this time of life will be just another bump in the road behind me. i also know that my proportions are a little out of sync with reality. that too much back and forth is going on in my mind.

i have spent much of my life to accept and go with the flow. but that seems so much easier when only considering consequences for myself. right now i find it overwhelming to be a parent. especially parenting a child with special needs.

sometimes i need to remind myself that even if there is only so much i can do, this is the best i can do.


  1. oh i know the feeling... only it is not parenting that can seem overwhelming at time. but you know what i am talking about.

    i am sure that you are a wonderful mum and all the love you give your kids (that I can feel just reading you, here) and the education will help them becoming confident adults and the best human beings they can be.


    1. thank you, dear. and yes, i know. hugs and all the best to you.

  2. Hello Trine, sorry I'm so late here, I had some very hectic weeks and, yes, I too have been feeling overwhelmed by just about everything. I didn't realize one of your boys had special needs, did you share this before? Hugs.