Thursday, May 10, 2012

lag ba'omer and mojitos

suddenly it's really summer here. i went running around 10 this morning and the heat was killing me. slowly. as in me running extremely slowly.

the garden suddenly burned out from the sun. the remaining spring onions are showing off pretty flowers. i love onions in bloom.

the mint is all over the place. mojitos coming up soon. for some reason that's the only thing i can think of making from the mint right now. i guess that's what happens to my brain after i spent the afternoon with the kids at our local village lag ba'omer festival.

lag ba'omer means lots of bonfires, arrows and bows. and lots of hair and clothes smelling from the smoke and the fires. and today it also meant a local festival with all kind of physical activities for the kids. and candyfloss. which again means sticky fingers and sugar highs. so, where did i come from...mojitos....

the chicks are doing fine. we have thirteen by now. there were two that died just after they hatched. sad, but i guess that's how it is. i think another is coming tonight. there's a pipping egg :)

wishing you  lovely weekend.

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  1. WOW lucky 13 on the chicks. Very cool. Enjoy your weekend too! xo