Friday, July 27, 2012

denmark love

:: to be or not to be.... a monkey?

:: ipad, iphone, relaxing

:: girl drawings. another world

:: beautiful sjaellands odde

:: oh that light

:: reuniting with old friends at the zoological museum

:: they grew up with this boy back in the tlv days. now they live in hong kong.

:: pretty denmark

:: hello new face


we've been seeing friends and family, beautiful places, danish summer at it's finest.

returned home, and have relaxed in the garden. tomorrow the man is flying into town and that is good. we miss him. i miss him.


  1. looks like you are having a great time.
    it reminds me of seeing your photos from last summer on your denmark visit, the feelings i felt looking at your photos, and that makes me think, jeeez, it has already been A YEAR?! phu?!
    enjoy and take care.

  2. oh, how i miss DK... how i miss europe. i just rediscovered your blog after a long blogging break. glad to see all your beautiful photos again.