Monday, July 2, 2012

shades of summer

: new forever 21 dress bought on crazy sale. i love it.

: still bringing home shells. nothing to do, it's a serious addiction.

: yesterday we had the last end-of-school year party. next year it is first grade for 2/3 of the boys.
: tiny grapes growing in the front yard. this year there are many and we just had the first. they are insanely sweet.

: last weekend i went to tlv. a friend had sent husband and child off to ibiza, so i spent the night with her. stayed up till 4 in the morning drinking wine, talking.

: the heat is on as it has been for weeks. damn! it's hot, but it's the humidity that gets you down. i hardly run these days. i'm promising myself i'll make up for it when i get to denmark.


  1. beautiful colours!!!
    so summer
    and naturally your photos are mega gorgeous as well

  2. very sweet photos. I love them!
    and nice to know what you've been up to :)