Thursday, August 9, 2012


a butterfly meeting its faith on the blank surface of the pond. all still. quiet life underneath paying no attention.


we got back from a little road trip today. went to aarhus and then legoland. not much stillness om such a road trip. but now they are sound asleep and so will i be in a very few minutes. 

Sweet dreams. 

ps. i've been sucked into instagram. you'll find me there as @trinsch. 


  1. I love ur pics!
    Looking forward to follow u :D
    Have a nice day!


  2. oh no, everyone is going to instagram and leaving us here on blogger! :)
    i dont have a phone that can deal with instagram...

    LEGOLAND! i loved it when i was there as a young girl.
    wondering if it changed much?
    sounds like fun your vacation, and
    beautiful shot!