Saturday, September 8, 2012

and then we came home

we returned home august 20. the next week was crazy! seriously. two kids started first grade at two different schools (long story, another time). this meant shopping for bags, school t-shirts, books and material as well as parent meetings, meeting the teacher, meeting the children. times two. and school start ceremony. times two again. all the thoughts and emotions i imagined would fill me as my firstborns started school drowned in hectic returning home and getting things ready. practicalities took over our life and minds and so, the sentimental emotions, excitement and worries only sneaked into my mind as i put my head down down at night. but even then i was too tired and exhausted to give them a second thought. maybe that was just pure luck. i can get awfully sentimental and emotional.

besides getting two kids ready for school, the third child celebrated his 5th birthday here back home with family. the evening came to an end as he got hot tea over his shoulder and was rushed to the emergency room. luckily it didn't touch his face, but damn! that added a bit of extra excitement to our lives, and i could have done without that. in the week that followed it was pretty nasty to look at and we had to go to a nurse to have it treated, but luckily it wasn't painful and he was so strong and good.

and then one of the new first graders got ear infections on both ears just as school started. no fever, but not much sleep and obviously not much energy for school. i did the crappy parent thing and gave him something for the pain and sent him off anyway. i hated that, but just couldn't have him miss the first days in first grade. but it wasn't cool and certainly not  the best start.

besides all my complaining above i am super happy to say that all three kids are now happy and well off in kindergarten and schools. we have a daily rhythm slowly appearing and after a long vacation without a schedule i must admit i totally enjoy that.

but mostly i am happy that my amazing mom came back with me and helped us through these first weeks of this important chapter in our lives... seriously, my little boys started school!... because without her i'm not really sure how we would have made it through and still being able to remain sane and well.

family is gold, mothers are pure awesome!


  1. oh wow, trinsch, what a whirlwind! but phew, you've made it!

    (his little shoulder looks so tragic with that bandage - glad it didn't hurt his face and hoping he's much better already.)

  2. oh my god, i'm exhausted just reading this! i just shipped off my youngest to first grade, too. yay! :)

  3. congratulations!
    big goes on! and on! and on!
    and i agree with you so much, mothers are pure awesome, including you!