Thursday, October 25, 2012

randomly selected

images from denmark this summer and a few things on my mind.

:: we have birthdays coming up and the weather is changing.

:: the other night there was thunder and clouds, but only a few drops of rain. i think it'll come today, though. i hope.

:: i've looked forward to the change of season, the colder days, the clouds and the rain. but then today there's the tennis clas of the kids in the afternoon and a birthday in the weekend

:: oh well. we'll take it as it comes.

:: yay! maybe i'll even get to wear some long sleeves and socks again :)

:: i've got laundry outside, better get it inside.

:: i need to take more photos with the camera if this is not to turn entirely into trips down memory lane. pretty much only shooting with iphone these days.

:: i'm @trinsch on instagram.

:: i really need to get some work done!

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