Wednesday, November 28, 2012

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:: sun and rain, my running shoes are like two blocks of dried mud. but the sun is out most days

:: silly kids and angry kids. this morning i had drag jonathan out of bed which had him really upset. apparently i interrupted him in a really good dream.

:: i'm trying to read again. have not been able to finish any books lately. it's like i cannot just let go and get sucked in. seriously too much going on in my mind these days.

:: counting down the days before we go to denmark. looking forward to some christmas.

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  1. when when when are you going? i am leaving on the 5th to sweden, extremely looking forward to christmas!
    i see your difficulty with making a decision about where to be. i am thinking very much the same these days. but with a few other factors that are pulling me. and yet no children.

    when i think about children though, i always feel that i can't raise them in this country, where the situation is the way it is, even though it can be such a wonderful place. but you never know, i never know.

    take care!