Sunday, December 2, 2012

yes, you may call me a dreamer

a note on the world outside my little bubble.

with all that happens here, happened in the past few weeks and for centuries, and what will most likely happen in the future (i certainly don't expect the future to be easy, oh no, not around here): i believe that the recognition of palestine in the UN, symbolic or not, was right and fair and not a moment too soon.

there is no one truth here.

history is subjective, it's about beliefs, what was left out and how you choose to read it.

i choose to believe with all my heart that most of us really just want a place we can call home, where we feel safe and believe we have a future, for ourselves and our children. and if that is granted to us we might be able to stop the fighting, some day, down the road.

yes, i know, i'm a dreamer. is there any other choice? what else can one be?

congratulations palestine.

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  1. Living in South Africa I can totally relate. I'm a dreamer too. We have to be right?
    Congratulations Palestine.