Friday, January 11, 2013

winter here and there :: instagram selection

we're cold. really cold. winter time can be a challenge. despite being 20 degrees warmer here +10 compared to some of our days in denmark -10, we feel much colder. in denmark the houses are warm. isolated and with heating. here the houses are build to keep cold. and oh my, do they stay cold in a period like this with 10 degrees and a rain storm lasting for days... yes they do!

the heating in our house is radiators and aircon. the radiators keeps you warm as long as they're on and you don't move more than a meter a way from it. obviously that limits activities and general movement. the aircon is only slightly more effective than that.

enough complaints. the sun came back yesterday and i started the day by watching a beautiful double rainbow. and i've been digging out my beloved woolen poncho.

we've made up our minds. we'll leave the house, but will most likely stay in the country. question is where to go.


  1. Love the pictures, good luck with the move (wherever you wind up going ...)

  2. oh, i always say that! that they do not know how to build here...hahahaha!
    in the summer, too hot, in the winter, too cold.

    anyhow, it feels like spring has started by now. i could take another storm. find it pretty cozy! but then we have a woodheater which does a great job.

    so curious about where you are heading??
    when will you move?