Friday, May 22, 2009

one hot mama

this is my family. or my family of 1977. later we added a younger brother to the crowd. and today, well, today both my older brother and i have our own families as well.

but, back in 77 it was mom, dad, L and me. this summer we went to france. road trip. we never went on charter tours. later, in my teens, i envied those who flew of to hotels with travel groups. for some reason i had gotten the idea that charter trips were sophisticated. i was pretty annoying there for a few years, i think.

today i think my parents did the most awesome thing: packed up their red, old citroen dyane with tent, sleeping bags, two kids - later three - and traveled south: through germany, holland, austria, to end up in italy, france or yougoslavia (as it was back then). sometimes we'd stay a few days on a camping area, sometimes we'd just make a quick pit stop on a parking lot along the highway, pull out the sleeping bags and sleep over night and continue early next morning.

but what i really wanted to say with this photo is - besides the memories this photo brought back, and the fact that it made me give a mental thumbs up to my parents for being so great - doesn't my mom look just plain awesome? that's one hot mama!

this photo is a year before. we were in norway visiting friends - the girls to the right. the cute kid standing is my older brother. and then there's the hot mama again. and this photo made me realize that i must have inherited my love for those swedish 70's style clogs from my mom. you know, the ones i was talking about in the end of this post. my mom's clogs were dark blue. and that's pretty cool too.

and talking about cool: it's really hot around here these days. the heat has arrived to the middle east! officially. the kids are running around naked in the garden most of the day playing with water. and i'm feeling like one hot mama myself. but not like that hot, more like red-in-the-face, slightly swollen and sticky-sweaty kind of hot.

here's to a great weekend - hot or cool.


  1. Your post brought a smile on my face. What a wonderful memories of family trips you have. And yes, your mum looks gorgeous on these photographs.

    About this hot weather: it's time to cool with some Italian granita ;-)

    Have a restful weekend,lots of hugs,

  2. Oh, you must enlarge this photo and frame it! Heck, I'd hang it in my home... it's so great!! Yes, your mom has fantastic style!! I love their get up and go attitude! Totally digging that green chair too!!

    Happy Weekend to you!


  3. Very hot mama indeed....!!! I wrote a very similar post a month ago about my parents and our way of traveling, which was very similar to yours. Must be a Danish thing...haha! So much better than charter if you ask me!!
    The post is here:

  4. Such nice way to travel, just pack and head south, and such nice memories. To hot mamas!

  5. Your parents sound awesome...taking all those road trips to various countries, wow.

    When I went to the clog link you gave on your post, I was so excited. I was a teenager in the 70's and I LOVED clogs. Even my mom wore a pair of pretty blue clogs. I'm actually thinking about ordering a pair of the clogs with heels from that website.

    Thanks for sharing your family & cool clogs!!!!!!

  6. It is so nice to read this story! I really enjoyed it :)
    We also went camping in France...and I still think camping is the best way to spend a holiday. And your momma looks hot indeed! :)

  7. i like these photos! it reminds me a lot of the holidays with my parents. think we have had the dyane in all available colors :). 2 kids, a little dog, tent, ... just driving downwards europe. i still love those old citroens.

  8. Sweetie Darling,
    My mum&dad had the same parasol when i was growing up incl. the matching chairs *lol*.
    Your mum looks FAB! Sunglasses, the scarf...LOVE IT!
    xoxo M

  9. thanks for sharing these memorable moments, it is funny to see how many of them can be captured in a single photo !!

  10. hehehe...I love the photos...looks like my summer memories too..and yes it was soo cool to go with a camper and we acually loved go to Denmark to visit your great beaches :) those were the days.
    Enjoy your nice weather over there!

  11. i love old family pictures! and these are really lovely. your mom looks so cool! :)

  12. I love your post. The pictures of your family reminds me those years.. My parents were the same as yours ! always camping... !!! It was the great years of our childhood.

  13. I love these 70s photos, I have similar ones from camping coast to coast in the US, pluss memmories of holding down a tent for 2 nights in a storm cause it was allways camping :) and yes, hot mama indeed!

  14. What wonderful pictures and stories. Tomory and I are just starting to plan for having kids. I could see us doing this sort of thing with our future children(the kids would probably hate it at the time, but then appreciate it later on ;).
    As a fellow child of the seventies, I'm totally digging your mother's style!
    Something tells me you probably inherited her fashion sense. Thanks for sharing.

  15. That was a lovely post. I really like nostalgia. It made me think of two of my favourite films: Two for the Road and La Baule-les Pins.