Monday, May 25, 2009

this red monday: flavors

at the breakfast table. tomato salat with red onions. and red cranberry beans with salt and butter. joined by fresh baked buns and a laughing cow.

a trip to the market. of all the colors, red stands out. chilies, apples, strawberries.


other shades of red that i love: this amazing marmalade skies necklace (but i already bought the looking glass necklace, so another time).

if you need some redness in your life, then you might want to check out (red).

and, finally, forget about red and sooth your eyes with winged elms and other amazingly soft, white and dreamy photos from bee hives. i wish i could enter one of those photos, just for a moment.

wishing you a dreamy week.


  1. gorgeous! have a great week. besos!-jane

  2. mmh. that tomato-red onion-avocado salad looks so good - i may to make one myself this week!

    strawberries are in season here as well. i MUST go out shopping for fruit and veg this afternoon. thanks for the inspiration...

  3. Oh, your breakfast table looks so, so good! Cranberry beans? I wonder what we call them? Do you an olive oil mixture over the tomato salad? Lovely red post!


  4. wow! colorfull pictures. i'm hungry now!

  5. Thanks for the comment! This post makes me hungry for strawberries and Laughing Cow, yum.

  6. Red is one of my favorite colors! Love this post. So vibrant- I can almost taste the food. I like your new profile look like you have beautiful hair. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

  7. I could eat all these strawberries now.. all of them at once... they look so sweet and juicy.

    Great photos.

  8. I like all the flavors of your red Monday. Nice post.

  9. i loved the strawberries.
    is so hard to find them here where i live cause the weather is no good for strawberry!!