Tuesday, May 26, 2009

swirls, plaids and a loop

i wish my hair would just swirl into this style every morning, by itself, just like that ( maybe with a pretty little braid, too). and i love to dig into the depths of my closet and find an all forgotten shirt and make it my instant favorite.

have a happy day :)


  1. me too... you also have a happy day!:)

  2. you too - have a happy day! love the hairstyle and the shirt : ) that is the best feeling finding something you had forgotten about and then discovering that it's just perfect!

  3. I love your hairstyle! Too bad...My hair is too short!

    Hope you have a great day too! ox

  4. Hello Trinsch, I'm so glad that my recipe worked out for you. Aren't these biscuits delicous? :) Next time I'm gonna use some cinnamon as well- great idea! I love cinnamon.

    Stunning photo.


  5. looks like you are just as beautiful as your mama, judging from the photos in the last post :)